The Firm

From four generations Sealup means care and passion for luxury products. The company, which is currently one of the most important Italian rainwear and luxury outerwear makers in the world, follows the strict philosophy of “Uncompromising Quality”.

Sealup was established in Milan in 1935. From its early production, exclusively consisting of rainwear, in the 1950s the firm expanded its collection.

In the late ‘50s and early ‘60s it became one of Italy’s leading garment-makers and its coats were eagerly sought after by international stars. Down to 1985 Sealup was committed to the production of a total look and began producing for the most important designers. Since the ‘90s Sealup has refocused attention on Outerwear, with part of its output going to international luxury brands.

Today the firm is run by Filippo Chiesa and his sister Cristina.

Nowadays Sealup can rely on one of the few fully integrated industrial , cutting-edge technology provided and exclusively Italian facilities.

Sealup complies with the highest standards for safety on work environment, personal privacy data processing and eco-friendly policy.

Each year 50.000 garments are produced in Italy and the historic Outerwear brand is witness of Made in Italy quality, taste and style. 


A short history of Sealup from 1935... 

Since the year of its foundation, 1935, Sealup has been synonymous with quality and a passion for luxury. garments.
Clothing that is a pleasure to look at and touch, that becomes elegance as soon as you slip it on. Over the years, the transformation, the transition from one generation to the next, has had a fixed point of reference: “to create quality”. A commandment that embodies Milanese concreteness and Italian taste. Because Sealup is 100% Italian, not only through its founders but also in its production, which has always remained here, in the hands of its Italian work force.
In the beginning there were only raincoats, then, starting in the 1950s, the product range was broadened. 

Those were the years of the success of prêt à porter.
Our garments traveled worldwide, until even First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, in a photo many

years ago, appears sporting a Sealup raincoat.

In the late 50s and early 60s Sealup was one of the most important garment manufacturers in Italy. It was one of the founding partners of the trade association, the Associazione Italiana Industriali dell’Abbigliamento, and in 1959 it fostered an outstanding project: the creation of the Italian Fashion Manufacturers’ Committee (Comitato Moda degli Industriali dell’abbigliamento). This was the first initiative that fostered the independence of the industrial sector from the craft sector, as well as the first attempt to achieve institutional control of the fashion industry.

Also the architecture of the historic facility in Via Gallarate, designed by the noted architect Renato Bazzoni, made Sealup an advanced model factory: the roof was designed to shed natural light uniformly over the benches of the workers; it contained an internal canteen, the offices were furnished with typical Italian designer items and, in the administrative department, the “punched card center”, a forerunner of the computer was the first to be installed in Italy in a garment manufactory.

Expansion towards the total look designed by the firm lasted until 1985, to be followed by a phase of production on license for major designers. Finally, in the 90s, it was decided to refocus production on waterproof garments produced for international luxury brands: Sealup products became the industry benchmark of excellence, because research gave the firm its all-important cutting-edge advantage. 


Filippo Chiesa and his sister Cristina have inherited the legacy of the three previous generations, those that created the reputation of Sealup waterproofs. Since 1987, Filippo has been the CEO in charge of industrial strategy and, at the same time, the impassioned creative mind behind the product: he loves research, plans for the future and designs the scenario of forthcoming products.

Cristina, a graduate in Law from the State University of Milan and in Humanities from the Sorbonne in Paris, since 1988 has placed her national and international legal know-how at the service of the firm. Since 2002, she has been president of the company’s Board of Directors.

Professionalism and passion have proved of fundamental importance in this delicate process of change and transition from generation to generation: hence the decision to create a research center within the firm which experiments not only with forms and fabrics but also new machinery. The objective is to embody high performance in refined fabrics: beauty and technology in a single product. Sealup’s fame is also bound up with technological and manufacturing innovations such as its thermoadhesivate, a process that ensures the seams in a garment are not just perfectly sealed (windproof, rainproof), but also beautiful. Because, starting from hand-crafted garments, the Sealup research center has created a totally industrialized process.

“Our truly unique business heritage, largely embodied in a long tradition handed down and preserved in our historical archives, of over 1,500 different garments, has convinced us,” says Filippo Chiesa, “to develop with full awareness and great enthusiasm our own brands: Sealup and Filippo Chiesa.”

Filippo and Cristina Chiesa work together so that every single one of the 50,000 garments produced by Sealup each year bears witness to their love of beauty. Work, organization, design: this is the spirit of a business that has never ceased to “create quality”. With taste and passion.