Style and uncompromising quality since 1935.

Sealup was born in Milan and for three generations has been synonymous with care and passion for luxury garments. In our DNA lies the product, the pursuit for quality in fabrics and accessories, never forgetting the modernity and understated elegance of our Milanese roots.


Timeless Elegance

Each piece is designed with great care and passion, to ensure performance and versatility, perfectly "dressy" for any occasion.


Discreet Luxury

The accurate craftsmanship, flawless lines and attention to details express the genuine luxury, discreet and modern.


Rain & Sea

the point of origin for every collection

The Art of the Peacoat

The peacoat, an iconic outerwear piece of the historic Milanese brand, is the epitome of Sealup's marine inspiration.

The Italian Raincoat

The Italian Raincoat One of the iconic pieces of the brand, synonymous with utmost quality since 1935.

The Sud Ovest

The iconic rain hat, with its distinctive shape designed to let rain drop sideways, embodies Sealup's manifesto, Rain & Sea.

Our products

Nel cuore del quartiere simbolo del lusso discreto milanese, a due passi dalla Scala e vicino alla Pinacoteca, si trova la boutique Sealup.

Flagship Store

In the heart of the by definition district of the Milanese discreet luxury, just steps away from La Scala and close to the Pinacoteca, you'll find Sealup boutique.

The know-how

Our Italian Craftsmanship

Sealup is a reality entirely Made in Italy. Know-how is a memorable heritage, which strongly identifies Sealup and represents an element of continuity and balance between creativity & rigor, tradition & technological innovation, craftmanship & industrial production.

Design Office

Our in-house creative team is focused with great passion on the collections development and the research of new sustainable fabrics and accessories.

Pattern Making Room

Thanks to its know-how and the most advanced design software, Sealup achieves the perfect combination between the brand’s style idea and the best workmanship and solutions.

Da tre generazioni Sealup è sinonimo di cura e passione per le confezioni di lusso

A long history

For three generations Sealup has been synonymous with care and passion for luxury tailoring.



Sealup identity

Sealup is the fusion of two words, the English "Sea" and the Milanese dialect "Lup" (wolf). Not at all random choice, in fact, the brand has always had an international vision, but based on a strong Milanese tradition. tradition

Sustainable since ever

Sealup has always pursued an ethical and sustainable approach, starting from fostering serene human relationships within the company.

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Sealup prioritizes exclusive in-store sales

Our collections are meant to be worn, appreciated for their fabrics, finishes, and attention to detail in crafting; only then can our work be perfectly appreciated.