Sealup Foundation

In 1935, husband and wife, Piero and Germana Chiesa, established their avant-garde firm producing raincoats in Via Bronzetti, in a Milan that was significantly different from the city today. They had an innate passion for quality and the intuition that this strategy will have had an impact on the then-developing apparel market.

The name itself is a clear expression of the founders' intentions. They create the neologism Sealup, a combination of the English "sea" with the Milanese "lup" (wolf), intending to make one concept of the sea with their waterproof goods.


Expansion and Innovation

From the 1950s onwards, production expanded and, in 1959, the headquarters moved to Via Gallarate, in the plant designed by architect Renato Bazzoni.

A state-of-the-art factory: roof designed to illuminate evenly the workers' place with natural light, an internal canteen and a relaxation room, offices decorated with Olivetti design furniture and production department provided with a mechanographic centre, the forerunner of the computer, used for the first time in Italy in a clothing company.

An inspiring work atmosphere and high-quality products are inextricably linked.


Globalisation and prestigious partnerships

From that moment on, Sealup creations began to travel around the world and boasted exceptional testimonials such as the first lady Jackie Kennedy. The intuition to team up with emerging designers, among those Walter Albini and Karl Lagerfeld, to create what we now call capsules, made the difference. With the passing of the baton to Giorgio Chiesa's sons, Filippo and Cristina, respectively President and CEO of the company, the pursuit of quality, combined with continuous innovation of production process is still Sealup's focus and this cannot be separated from a rigorous Made in Italy.

A Family Company Since 1935

Filippo Chiesa with his wife Gaia, sister Cristina, and father Giorgio.

The new Millennium

Strategic and Industrial Development

That’s why in 2013 a further step forward was taken by reintegrating the industrial part of production with the opening of the factory in Calusco D'Adda (BG). This was a strategic choice because the area is rich in skilled labour. Just think that in Bergamo there is still a “School of sewing”. What truly makes the difference is an integrated structure for it offers immense opportunities for research. From the work of the pattern maker to the in-store delivery of a garment, all the stages are indeed internal to the company.


Establishment and growth

In 2016, the Flagship Store opened in Milan Via Brera 3, in the heart of the by definition district of the Milanese discreet luxury, just steps away from La Scala and close to the Pinacoteca. Sealup renovated its HQ in Lomazzo (CO) and expanded its structure with a second manufacturing facility in Costa di Mezzate (BG) and a cutting factory in Fontanella (BG).