Sustainable since ever

Sealup has consistently pursued an ethical and sustainable approach, starting from the serenity of human interactions within the company, based on the utmost mutual respect. In order to formalize this long path, which began already in the 50s, Sealup, which was certified by UNI EN ISO 14001, has implemented an environmental and sustainable management system. In addition, it has signed an agreement with a major textile waste collection and recycling company. In spring 2024 Sealup drew up its first sustainability report.


Division of compositions

Starting from 2020

By 2020 all production waste is divided according to the different compositions and collected by companies that provide for their total recycling. After a selection phase, the scraps are then processed according to their composition and intended use, spinning, fraying, garneting or melting, thus to make them suitable as raw materials once again.

A.I. 4.0 Machinery

Fabric cutting

Modern artificial intelligence equipment is used by Sealup to cut fabric. This processing phase is essential to achieve a finished product of luxury quality because it allows for extremely high efficiency and cutting precision expressed in millimetres. This has a favourable impact on sustainability, thanks to significant energy savings, less fabric consumption and reduced waste.

Garments made to last over time

Sealup collections have always been designed and manufactured to last over time. Our “full Made in Italy" production and design defy fads and "fast fashion," instead holding up against the test of time. The excellent fabrics and materials along with the classic design of Sealup collections, extend the life of the pieces, which are frequently passed down from generation to generation as "must-have" wardrobe items, saving on consumption and resources and thus preventing waste.

Sealup gives exclusively shop-based sales priority.

Our collections are meant to be worn, appreciated for their fabrics, finishes, and attention to detail in crafting; only then can our work be perfectly appreciated.